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Patient Transfers

Jordan Valley EMS provides both emergent and non-emergent patient transfers. If you are in need of a non-emergent medical transport of a family member East Jordan EMS can provide that service for you.

Jordan Valley EMS Authority Patient TransferIn most all cases emergent transfers are arranged by the hospital in which the patient is currently admitted. A patient and/or their family does have some input as to the transporting agency, even in an emergency. In the case of a non-emergent transfer the patient and/or their family has complete control over selection the transporting agency, providing that the license level of the agency they request is adequate for the patient needs and care requirements.

Most medical transports can be covered by your insurance, Medicaid or Medicare.

Whether it be for transport of a patient to a local rehabilitation and extended care facility or for a long distance transport of a patient admitted and treated at a hospital some distance away and now requires transport to a hospital closer to home. However these non-emergent transports must be for “medical necessity” before any of these agencies will consider payment for them. All patients and/or their family members must be aware of this.

The transporting agency must be furnished with an Order for Medical Necessity Form. This form must state the medical reason that transport by ambulance is required and must be signed by the patients physician. This form must then be submitted by the transporting agency with their billing before they can receive payment.

If a medical necessity form is not furnished that does not mean the patient can not be transported by ambulance. It simply means that the patient or the family may be responsible for payment of the services provided