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Education Programs

Time and time again, studies have shown the benefits of CPR training. In the minutes after a member of the community goes into cardiac arrest, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, or CPR, can be performed by a bystander to circulate blood and oxygen to vital organs until professional help arrives.

CPR and First Aid classes are routinely held by crew members of Jordan Valley EMS Authority.

Classes are available in several different license levels from General CPR to Health Care Provider. Occasionally CPR Instructor classes are also offered.

AED instruction classes are also available in similar formats.

Classes are available for EMT/EMR training and Continuing Education for EMTs.

Jordan Valley EMS Authority receives Education Grant

The East Jordan Ambulance Association is beyond grateful to have received a generous donation (16, level 376.00) to upgrade our education program from Emergency Medical Technician to the next level of Advanced upgrade Emergency our education Medical program Technician.  The need for licensed EMS professionals is critical and at a dangerous low point.  We are now state certified and able to teach this level between EMT & Paramedic.  This is a fantastic way for JVEMSA to educate current employees and upgrade within while also extending out to the public as well.

This grant allowed us to buy 30 text books so that we can loan them out and students will not have to purchase before class. This saves each potential student approximately 250.00. We also were able to purchase the new equipment needed to pass the state inspection for the upgrade. We have just started the new AEMT class on Monday September 12, and have 10 students. We are so excited to begin this new adventure and also humbled by the Foundation and its members generosity.

IV Arm
Students will be able to practice IV skills & techniques using multiple sites on a very realistic arm.

Pocket Masks CPR
These portable, reusable pocket masks are given to each participant when completing a CPR class free of charge.

Infant Interosseous Leg/ Advanced EMT Books
Starting IVs in infants is a daunting task but thanks to the foundations grant, students will be able to master this skill before ever having to try it on an actual pediatric patient.