The Jordan Valley EMS Authority
Volunteers are the core of our service.  Without the volunteers  Jordan Valley EMS would not be able to do many of the things that the community has come to expect.

Assistance is always appreciated with station and vehicle cleaning as well as a multitude of other small tasks that when done by volunteers frees up the full time staff for other duties.

Many volunteers are always needed during the East Jordan Ambulance Association's annual triathlon which is their primary fund raiser.  The Ambulance Association raises money to assist with the purchase of expensive equipment that is necessary to provide the high level of patient care the EMS department strives to provide.

Another way to volunteer and serve your community is to become a licensed EMT and work as a volunteer for the EMS department. This is a much higher level of commitment and requires a good deal of your time but is also very rewarding in both your personal accomplishment and the good feeling you get by helping someone in a time of need.

To become a member of the EMS department you would need to be a licensed EMT or take an EMT class and get your license. You would then be required to make a commitment of time each month to be on call and attend department informational and training meetings.

If you are interested in joining the EMS department as an EMT, if you have special skills you feel would be beneficial to the EMS department or if you are interested in volunteering in any other way, contact our office at (231) 536-7881.
Become a Volunteer